Artist Statement

My sculptures offer a glimpse into the lives and feelings of the gods and goddesses from Greek mythology. Their stories inspired me to capture their essence in the exaggerated expressions and physicality of my statues. I prefer art that helps uplift, which is why I incorporate humor into most of my work.  The sculptors also invite the viewers to become involved by creating their own story about each character.

My hope is that everyone experiences art in their everyday lives.  That’s why I sculpt with bronze so that the statues can be displayed outside in a public setting. Before I encase them in bronze, I use an oil-based clay to form my sculptures so that I can change them if needed. I then take these figures to the foundry or to put on the final touches before using the lost wax process to turn them into bronze. Afterwards, they are mounted on either granite or wood.

As to my painting, I love to recreate landscapes and aviation portraits by making use of vivid colors. It allows me to go back in time and recreate a scene from on own perspective. I strive to uncover new areas of interest during the research and production phases of my work.  That, in turn, ends up becoming the focus for my next body of work. The whole process is something near and dear to me.