Artist Statement

Art is a language to communicate with others.  My art engages the viewer in an ethereal fantasy world, in which colors and humor dominate the art.   A quixotic style permeates the work to give character to humans and other forms of life, raising the question of where our experience would take us and what stories we would tell if we were not constrained by our sensory filters. 

My artwork focuses on our interactions with natural earth and all its beings.  The objective is to allow the viewer to relate to the image in a personal way, to have a visual reaction leading to an emotional and visceral attachment to the work.

Presently,  I have been investigating neuroaesthetics and whether we can use the process of creating and understanding art to give insight into the individual viewer’s perspective.  Can art delve deep into a person's repressed emotions to encourage the viewer’s self-realization and to reduce conflict?  I hope to apply my skills in painting, sculpture, kinetic, and multi-sensory artwork to the field of neuroaesthetics.