Artist Statement

Mara Sfara creates visually stunning works to educate and inspire people to appreciate nature and all the creatures who inhabit our world. Sfara’s creative vision is to understand, maintain and enhance lives of all forms. She believes it is critical for people to visualize a world where all life is treated with respect and the benefits of a healthy, symbiotic relationship with nature and animals is imparted from an early age. Thus, her art is her platform for that conversation.

As a gifted master artist who paints landscapes and portraits in the traditional oil medium, Sfara uses a variety of mediums for her sculpture. She turns her creations in Lucite with semi-precious gemstones to the age-old process of bronze into treasures. The Lucite animals have the remarkable quality of utilizing light to an extremely high reflection and refraction.  

Sfara’s bronze sculptures offer a glimpse into the lives’ and feelings’ of the gods and goddesses from Greek mythology. Their stories inspired Sfara to capture their essence in the exaggerated expressions and physicality of the statues. She gravitates to uplifting experiences, which is why Sfara incorporates personality and humor with which her audience can readily identify. The sculptures also invite the viewers to become involved by creating their own story about each character.

Sfara is also a pioneer in multi-sensory kinetic art. It is a medium for storytelling with numerous educational benefits. They incorporate motion, music, and sensory stimulation with the element of anticipation/surprise.  Sfara’s choice of subject matter is a reflective of her love of life. Her artwork demonstrates a true appreciation of the world and its natural wonders.

Her positive nature is reflected in her art, in her use of beautiful colors, objects and quixotic, idyllic serene landscapes. Sfara’s works tell stories of human relationships to the self, others and the universe. She studied English, Film Criticism and Fine Arts at the undergraduate level and obtained her Master’s in Art from New York University.

Sfara’s paintings and sculptures are regularly exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide at shows in England, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, California, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Argentina and Spain. She is in the permanent collections of The Springfield Museums, Springfield, MA, The Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury, Connecticut, Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, New York and the QCC(CUNY) Art Gallery/Museum, Bayside, NY.  In 2013, Sfara’s sculptures and paintings were featured at the opening of a new wing at the historic Westbrook Manor at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum, Great River, NY.