Artist Statement

Mara Sfara creates visually stunning works to educate and inspire people to appreciate nature and all the creatures who inhabit our world. Sfara’s vision is to understanding, maintaining and enhancing lives of all forms. It is critical for people to visualize a world where all life is treated with respect. Sfara believes that people should be taught the benefits of a healthy, symbiotic relationship with nature and animals from an early age and aims to use her art as a platform for that.

Sfara is a gifted master artist who oil paints and uses a variety of forms of sculpture. Sfara’s is a pioneer of Mult-Sensory Art. Her art has a numerous educational benefits. Sfara’s sculptors range electric kinetic artwork, lucite with semi-precious gemstone to bronze. Sfara’s lucite sculptures turn natural and human-made materials into treasures. The lucite has the remarkable quality of utilizing light to an extremely high reflection and refraction.

Sfara’s Bronze sculptures offer a glimpse into the lives’ and feelings’ of the gods and goddesses from Greek mythology. Their stories inspired Sfara to capture their essence in the exaggerated expressions and physicality of the statues. She gravities to uplifting experiences, which is why Sfara incorporates personality and humor into her art work.  The sculptures also invite the viewers to become involved by creating their own story about each character.

Sfara’s choice of art is reflective of her love of life. Her artwork demonstrates a true appreciation of the world and its natural wonders.